From the recording Make Her Love Me


Thirteen roses on my arm
and the strength to raise a barn
A little city, a little farm
Now, ain't I somethin'?

She pulls and pushes 'til I'm shot
Do she love me, do she not
Just wanna show her what I got
'Cause I got somethin'

I'm gonna make her love me

I got a little pocket change
and I'm in need of somethin' strange
See, this girl don't know my name
I want her to know me

Give Jack some magic beans
Full of magic I ain't seen
How do I truthify my dream?
I want you to show me

I'm gonna make her love me

I seen inside yer magic ball
Ain't no magic there at all
I shoulda known not to call
They warned me first

Guess I'll take Jesus' magic fish
Put my money in the dish
Make a little wish
Back at the church

I'm gonna make her love me