Keystone Crossing

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Will Scott's first fully-produced studio album, released June 2009. Gnawbone features Joe Magistro on Drums, Jim Whitney on Bass, Preacher Boy (the album's producer) on Hammond, Mandolin, Guitars and more, as well as guest vocals by Jolie Holland, Samantha Parton, and Jan Bell.

Gnawbone was a finalist at the Independent Music Awards in the blues category and has received glowing press in the US and Europe.

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Solo Electric Blues

Will Scott's premier solo album began as home demos recorded to tape. It includes the blues-based originals and studies that helped launch his solo career. Buy Solo Electric Blues at CD Baby

The Forecasters -- Too Damn Cold

Will's previous band, The Forcasters, featuring J.J. Perry and Jim Richter. West-Side-Chicago-inspired blues. Buy Too Damn Cold at CD Baby