1. Gnawbone

From the recording Gnawbone


Howard at the farm you know
He used to be the law
Left his long right arm one night
Drunk in Omaha

Well Jesus, Mary, fire alarm
damndest thing I think I ever saw
Momma tryin' to keep her baby warm
Smother him in her bra

Old blue Bob’s got cable
So there ain’t much he ain’t seen
Misty’s young and able and she
Just turned seventeen

And hey there go hero Joe
With his arm around Christine
Walkin like he know some shit
He ain’t never seen

Get along boy and get long gone

And Grandpa’s in the pumpkin patch
Pullin pumpkins off the vine
Says those way over there are yours
And these right here are mine

If this old town has its way
You’ll shrivel on that there vine
In this life there’s just some things
You got to leave behind

If you leave you’re mama cryin’
She can’t save you from your sin
Kiss her cheek when it come time
Tell her ‘til we meet again

Then ride whatever it is you find
Up beyond lake Michigan
Jesus he rambled and he won’t mind
But the devil might find you in

Get along boy and get long gone